Every I see your face

Liver thrown to illusive nature

With my dream try to hold your hand 


You too far beyond reach

I Always pursue your shadow

 But you is like life in other dimension

 I cannot reach for even

 I am layed yours legs.


 Your Face always remember in my life In my dream,

 you giveed a smile, 

In my fantasy, you dance, 

Even in wall of my room 

Your face is giveed a smile by a beloved 

Shine like full moon 


Your Face is very beautifully

 Smile sweet you captivate 

Your lip attenuate to draw 

Only you my love 

Only you the liver hungering 

You have made this myself fallen down in yours liver 

You have made my heart is rhythm of yours heart  you always in my heart  

you are difficult me to forget

 only one sentence which I give to you

I love you”


Likely wish to just kill yours 

In order to my life become normal 

 But this love,

 Love making I die feeling In consequence greet my hand and with we hold world.

 Do you?..


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